AEMO Energy Generation Data

Annual and monthly CSV files

Dispatch - SCADA

The database behind Aneroid Energy is populated by accessing and processing AEMO's dispatch - SCADA data at regular intervals, in near real-time.

The following CSV files are exported from the Aneroid Energy database in a format which users may find easier to work with than the originals from AEMO.

If validation is necessary, it is left to the user to cross check the values here with those sourced directly from AEMO. Data sourced directly from AEMO is authoritative.

The CSV files are formatted in the following way:

  • the first row of the file contains column headings
  • the first column is a timestamp in ISO 8601 GMT+10:00
  • the remaining columns contain a "dispatchable MW" value for each dispatchable unit (DUID), in line with the source data
  • the temporal resolution of rows is five minutes

Metadata relating to each dispatchable unit may be found in AEMO's current registration and exemption spreadsheet.

By way of attribution, users of the CSV files should simply state that they were sourced from (this page).

2018 CSV Files